Why Scent Thief Is Different

Kristin Carpenter | 19 September, 2023

            Why Scent Thief Is Different

How Scent Thief Works

Scent Thief is unlike any other product on the market today. Its innovative formula totally eliminates an animal’s ability to smell. Let me repeat that. It TOTALLY eliminates an animal’s ability to smell.

Every other product on the market uses enzymes, silver, ozone or other additives to try and eat bacteria; or, they try to overpower an animal’s nose with a really strong scent. At Scent Thief, we believe it’s unrealistic to do either. Our research has shown that it’s nearly impossible to destroy all odor-causing bacteria because our bodies are constantly creating new bacteria and odor. It’s a never-ending battle. And, in most cases, it takes hours for enzymes to be effective.

All the Technical Stuff

The Scent Thief formula is so revolutionary, we have two patents on it. We call it No Smell Technology.TMThis technology works by targeting the area of the nose responsible for smell, also known as the nasal epithelium. This epithelium is a thin layer of tissue that runs along the roof of the nasal cavity. Its sole purpose is to pass along smell to the brain. Scent Thief works by relaxing this area of the nose and blocking that signal.

When Scent Thief evaporates from your clothing, equipment, or anywhere else it’s been applied, it gets carried in the wind cone. As an animal walks through your wind cone, their scent receptors draw in Scent Thief and it relaxes that epithelium. This relaxation of receptors is what makes the No Smell TechnologyTM so effective. Once those receptors are relaxed, the ability to smell disappears without alarm to the animal. As long as the animal is inside the wind cone, and can get Scent Thief in their nose, their ability to smell is gone. This is why it’s important to reapply every 60 to 90 minutes, more often in extreme wind, heat or rain.

How Team Scent Thief Uses It

Every time we enter the woods, whether we’re hanging cameras, filling feeders, or hunting, we’re spraying down. During hunting season, we spray at the vehicle and we apply to anything that will retain Scent Thief (clothing, boots, equipment, backpack). As we walk, we’ll often turn the spray nozzle to the stream setting and spray every 100 yards or so as we walk through the woods.

This helps eliminate the disturbance that we made going to our hunting area. Once in the stand or blind, we reapply every hour to hour and a half. This reapplication ensures Scent Thief is present and evaporating, creating that scent-eliminating wind cone.