How It Works

Scent Thief is an innovative, new, all-natural product that works by temporarily blocking an animal’s ability to smell. It has been field tested and studied by two major universities. The science is proven: when an animal smells Scent Thief, they can't smell anything else. Scent Thief amazingly lulls an animal into a relaxed state, by a creating a natural calming reaction in the olfactory area of the nose. Once they get Scent Thief in their nose, they’ll be a totally different animal than anything you’ve seen before.

Scent Thief inventor, Russell Epperson, has worked with the product for over 20 years and has been very successful in all areas of hunting and trapping. When Russell realized he had created something special, he started the Scent Thief brand and looked to market his product to like-minded hunters. In 2014, the Scent Thief team conducted field trials with area hunters. In those tests, they received a whopping 100% positive reviews! Not one hunter was detected!

With so much success in the hunting field, the team discovered Scent Thief had many other practical uses beyond the outdoors.  Because Scent Thief works by temporarily relaxing the area of the nasal cavity responsible for detecting odors, it can be use anywhere unpleasant odor is a problem. Scent Thief has recently been collecting testimonials from coroners, health care workers, and police officers, just to name a few.

Scent Thief is now is patent pending and revolutionizing the scent eliminating industry.


Scent Thief temporarily relaxes the olfactory epithelium in both humans and animals.

The olfactory epithelium is a specialized epithelial tissue inside the nasal cavity that is involved in smell. It lies on the roof of the nasal cavity above and behind the nostrils. The olfactory epithelium is the part of the olfactory system directly responsible for detecting odors. Retrieved from

With the olfactory epithelium relaxed, an animal can no longer detect odors of any kind. Scent Thief doesn't just cover your scent, it eliminates it.


Spray down anything that might have an odor. Be generous with the product, the more Scent Thief you apply, the more the olfactory nerve is going to be relaxed. Using Scent Thief means you'll never have to worry about the wind again.


Thousands of hunters have witnessed the difference in hunting with Scent Thief. You can check out testimonials on our website, Instagram, and Facebook from real hunters who have used Scent Thief. Listen to these hunters tell you how Scent Thief has changed the way they hunt. This product is all-natural and organic. Scent Thief has been lab tested with proven results and will change the way you hunt.


Annette Owens
“It doesn’t matter which way the wind blows, the deer just keep coming in. This product really does work!!”

Stephen Reynolds
“This stuff works amazing, thanks to Chad Tyler for showing me how well it works!!”

Russel Murphy
“It is an amazing product, definitely recommend it to all you fellow hunters!”

Christopher Michael Calliotte
“Unreal! That’s all I can say! I credit more deer and bigger deer to you guys! Awesome product awesome staff!”

Victoria Wakefield Paxton
“This STUFF works!!! I was amazed at how the deer acted with Scent Thief on. Great product!!”

Jonathan Roberson
“2 deer down already this season. One doe at 18 yards downwind and one buck at 22 yards downwind. Used scent thief both times and all I can say is IT WORKS!!!”

Stacie Young
“This has helped my son bring in a doe and buck this year. Thank you so much!”

Corie Daulton Blumberg
“We ABSOLUTELY swear by this product!! Don’t use anything else now, just use our Scent Thief products and we are good to go!!”

John McLaughlin
“I have to say, I’m really impressed!!! I used Scent Thief for the first time the other day! Had 3 doe walk right under my stand and then end up downwind of me, never once smelled me! Great product! I only wish I could give it more than 5 stars!!”

Darrell Wilson
“It’s a great product!

Brandon Dighero
“Outstanding group of guys! I’ve used a lot of other products out there this product is by far the best I’ve ever used!!! Keep it up!”

Chad Levos
“Sat upwind of the bait, not ideal. But after using the Scent Thief spray for the first time tonight… I’m a believer!! Thanks, Russell!”

Andrew Patrick
“Only used it one weekend so far, but have had deer downwind of me and haven’t been busted. The deer sense something is there, and check it out, but haven’t gotten alarmed. Plan on continuing to use it!”

Chuck Wilson
“It works, it’s that simple.”

Scott Mead
“Finally something that works! “Forget the wind just hunt” I’ve been out a good 15 times now about 12 of them had deer come in downwind. Not once busted. Oh, they smell it. They still come in. This stuff will cost less per bottle than others but it will cost u a lot more per season cause you will use it!

Jay Spear
“Yes good stuff I now hunt any wind direction and also turned a lot of guys to using scent thief”

Paul McAnally
“I found you guys in Birmingham, Al. I am sold. I used scent Thief this year for the first time and love it. I had the Best Bow season I ever had and I owe all to Scent Thief. I made two bucks and two doe kills. I will never use anything else. I even got my old school dad to use it. You know the type that said you don’t need that crap. lol !!! He will not go in the woods without it. Thanks for the great product. keep up the good work. ROLL TIDE!!!”

Chad Tyler
“With so many products out there that don’t work it makes it hard to spend your money on a new item to try. Well, this stuff works! I was able to meet Russell and he left a little for me to sample. I did some testing with my bird dogs on finding the bird. Just with a lite mist over a paper towel that covered the wing, not one dog could find it. Then I took it to the woods. After a hot day and sweating, I used a little on my hat and clothing in the stand. Was able to have a mature buck come from downwind with no alarm at all. Then had some team members try it. With deer downwind hunting from a ground blind, they walked within 25 yards and team member Chris was able to take a doe with the wind in her face. When we were out of it we called and could not wait to get more. Great Product and Thanks, Russell!”

Justin Buehring
“I just wanted to let you guys know ya’lls product is great. I chatted with you at the San Antonio hunters extravaganza for awhile about your it. I have bought all the brands academy and wal-mart sale around here in South Texas. Personally, I thought they were all the same and not very good results. A few months back I forgot about some mullet in my yeti and needed to use it. I got the random thought to use scent thief to see if it will kill the smell. Low and behold it did. So I couldn’t wait to use it in the woods. Yesterday evening I got in my old box blind with no door (the first year missing it). A buddy of mine had sat in it a week prior to scout for me and told me he got busted time and time again. Well, I had over 20 deer come out 25 yards from me and directly downwind. Not a single deer ever even looked at the blind. For an hour I had about a 140 class mature buck from 20 yards to 100 checking does. At one point I had 33 deer out. That just didn’t happen years prior using the other scent killers. I am sold and already have 3 guys wanting the product. I will be purchasing more soon. I look forward to many more hunts using scent thief and pray all never sale put and let someone dilute or ruin the product. Keep up the good work!!!!”

Jacob Epperson
“It works better than anything out there.

Josh Morris
“Something I’ve been wanting to do is try out a few new outdoor products this season to get out of my product comfort zone. After speaking with a few people I decided I would give scent thief a shot. I went online to place my order then realized I had not given myself enough time before my vacation to get the product. I decided I’d call the number on the website to see if they could do a rush order. 2 rings later I’m speaking with Russell who is the owner of Scent Thief (his personal number is the only one on the website.) I explained my problem and he said he would have his son rush me an order and we could settle up after I try it out and see how it works. He wished me good luck and told me to let him know how it works. I received my order the next morning and headed into the woods with my 3-year-old and a bag of snacks. We hunted hard for 6 days with some horrible winds for my property. We used scent thief daily and broke a lot of wind rules. We ate fruit snacks and peed in our blind then sprayed it with scent thief. In 6 days we saw 31 deer 17 came from downwind and were only busted 1 time when my son crunched a piece of candy with a doe in range. This is a product I will continue to use. I believe in it.”