How It Works

Scent Thief is an innovative, new, all-natural product that works by temporarily blocking an animal’s ability to smell. It has been field tested and studied by two major universities. The science is proven: when an animal smells Scent Thief, they can't smell anything else. Scent Thief amazingly lulls an animal into a relaxed state, by a creating a natural calming reaction in the olfactory area of the nose. Once they get Scent Thief in their nose, they’ll be a totally different animal than anything you’ve seen before.

Scent Thief inventor, Russell Epperson, has worked with the product for over 20 years and has been very successful in all areas of hunting and trapping. When Russell realized he had created something special, he started the Scent Thief brand and looked to market his product to like-minded hunters. In 2014, the Scent Thief team conducted field trials with area hunters. In those tests, they received a whopping 100% positive reviews! Not one hunter was detected!

With so much success in the hunting field, the team discovered Scent Thief had many other practical uses beyond the outdoors.  Because Scent Thief works by temporarily relaxing the area of the nasal cavity responsible for detecting odors, it can be use anywhere unpleasant odor is a problem. Scent Thief has recently been collecting testimonials from coroners, health care workers, and police officers, just to name a few.

Scent Thief is now is patent pending and revolutionizing the scent eliminating industry.


Scent Thief temporarily relaxes the olfactory epithelium in both humans and animals.

The olfactory epithelium is a specialized epithelial tissue inside the nasal cavity that is involved in smell. It lies on the roof of the nasal cavity above and behind the nostrils. The olfactory epithelium is the part of the olfactory system directly responsible for detecting odors. Retrieved from

With the olfactory epithelium relaxed, an animal can no longer detect odors of any kind. Scent Thief doesn't just cover your scent, it eliminates it.


Spray down anything that might have an odor. Be generous with the product, the more Scent Thief you apply, the more the olfactory nerve is going to be relaxed. Using Scent Thief means you'll never have to worry about the wind again.


Thousands of hunters have witnessed the difference in hunting with Scent Thief. You can check out testimonials on our website, Instagram, and Facebook from real hunters who have used Scent Thief. Listen to these hunters tell you how Scent Thief has changed the way they hunt. This product is all-natural and organic. Scent Thief has been lab tested with proven results and will change the way you hunt.