How it Works - Scent Thief


Scent Thief is an innovative, new, all-natural product that works by temporarily blocking an animal’s ability to smell. Unlike other scent elimination products that rely on chemicals to remove human odor, Scent Thief's all natural solution temporarily removes an animal's ability to smell. It has been field tested and studied by two major universities. The science is proven: when an animal smells Scent Thief, they can't smell anything else. Scent Thief amazingly lulls an animal into a relaxed state, by a creating a natural calming reaction in the olfactory area of the nose. Once they get Scent Thief in their nose, they’ll be a totally different animal than anything you’ve seen before.

Scent Thief doesn't just cover your scent, it eliminates it.

Scent Thief temporarily relaxes the olfactory epithelium in both humans and animals. The olfactory epithelium is a specialized epithelial tissue inside the nasal cavity that is involved in smell. It lies on the roof of the nasal cavity above and behind the nostrils. The olfactory epithelium is the part of the olfactory system directly responsible for detecting odors. With the olfactory epithelium relaxed, an animal can no longer detect odors of any kind.



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Body Wash/ Shampoo
Laundry Detergent

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