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Scent Thief Body Wash & Shampoo

Use as part of your total Scent Thief No Smell System. The Scent Thief Body Wash & Shampoo is for general hair and body cleansing. The Scent Thief Body Wash & Shampoo uses the same patented odor blocking technology as the Scent Thief Field Spray to eliminate an animal's ability to smell you.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Danny Hobbs

Great product, fast shipping


This is the best hands down and second to none .... I had a doe come within 5 yards of me in a ground blind and she never knew i was there even after looking at me . She put her nose in the air and the wind was at my back and she just hung around for a while and she wasn't something i was going to take with my bow so i just watched and she walked away with no alerts . Made my friend a believer when he was climbing a tree and a deer walked in and went under his tree and never knew he was there .

Carl Woody

Awesome website. I love the product. Russell Epperson is a super nice guy that really wants to help people have a better experience in the woods.

Wayne Blaha

good great product never had deer that close to me without smelling me

Earnest Smith

I have had a great experience with Scent Thief products since introduction. I have used all of the products, except the wafers which I'll will use this hunting season. If possible, may I suggest that you will change the package all of the liquid products by placing something like a security seal on all liquids due to the last order I received the bottle and shipping packaging was wet inside. I believe that the container was turn upside down against the orientation of the box, thus causing seepage from the cap, therefore if a security seal was present, then no fluids will leak out no matter how the container or the shipping packaging is turned.