Scent Thief Laundry Detergent

The Scent Thief Laundry Detergent is a part of your total Scent Thief No Smell System. Phosphate free and safe for technical fibers, carbon apparel, and wool. For regular and HE washers. Use alongside of our full odor blocking products to eliminate an animal's ability to smell you. 

Customer Reviews

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brian semmens

brian semmens


I think you're product is great. Been closer to alot of deer since using it.

We would love to rep it in the future if there is an opportunity to be ambassadors.

Please look us up at

We are always looking for good partners. Thanks for the good products.

Team Lead
1Mission Outdoors

Andrew Cowart

Best cover scent I’ve ever found ….I’ve had deer bed down within 30 yards and not have a clue I’m there….multiple deer have stood under my treestand and not spook…down wind deer don’t have a chance 👍🏼

James Luckett

So far I like it, seems to work for the most part, but the price is a real hang up, I have tried to push my hunting buddies to try it, but they won't due to the cost, honestly can't tell a difference in the field when using scent thief vs say hunters specialties,

Daisy Musick

I love Scent Thief and will use it on every hunt after this season I am a believer. I had it on walking in one morning to my stand, walked past a Doe and she only looked. My husband came just behind me and was observing this. He was not wearing ST and when he got to the doe she kept blowing at him. We both walked in the same direction. Only difference, I was wearing ST and he wasn't. He is a believer now. And in many other cases this season I got by with both bucks and does of all ages. I had a great season, tagged out this year.