FAQ - Scent Thief


What differentiates Scent Thief is that all other products try to cover up or eliminate human and other types of odors. Scent Thief eliminates an animals ability to smell ANY odors. That's why we say "Don't cover your scent, ELIMINATE it!"

Yes. Scent Thief refills are available in 32 and 64 ounce bottles. Please only use a Scent Thief spray bottle for refills. Cross contamination from other product bottle can negatively effect your Scent Thief product.

Scent Thief has been under development for 20+ years with 5 years of extensive field testing and was placed on the market in mid 2015.

Yes, we have a number of other products in the Scent Thief line that can be viewed and ordered on from our online store. Additionally, we have apparel and BAM Buck Attractant Mineral.

Scent Thief still works under extreme conditions such as rain and high wind. We recommend applying Scent Thief multiple times during the day under these conditions.

Under normal conditions once or twice a day is sufficient. There is a great video on the How It Works page that goes into more detail about how the product works and how often you should apply.

No, this product contains no chemicals or preservatives - it is all natural, all organic.

Yes, there are elements in the product that lull an animal into a relaxed state, these elements have a smell.

Through extensive lab testing Scent Thief was determined to have extended shelf life.