What differentiates Scent Thief is that all other products try to cover up or eliminate human and other types of odors. Scent Thief works by temporarily eliminating an animal's ability to smell ANY odors. There is nothing else on the market like it.

Scent Thief has been under development for 20+ years with 5 years of extensive field testing and was placed on the market in mid 2015.

The wafers come in a resealable pouch and should last two full days or four hunts. You can recycle a dry wafer by spraying it down with Scent Thief field spray, but the formula used in the original wafer is a stronger formula, so a recycled wafer will not be as effective.

Under normal conditions, Scent Thief should be re-applied every 60-90 minutes, more often in extreme heat, wind or rain. There is a great video on the How It Works page that goes into more detail about how the product works and how often you should apply.

Through years of research, we have discovered Scent Thief has an extended shelf life. You can be confident if you purchase now it will be good for next season...and the season after that. For best results, keep Scent Thief stored in a temperature controlled environment and keep it from extreme heat and cold.

Once the animal is out of the presence of Scent Thief, their sense of smell will return almost immediately. You want the animal to smell Scent Thief when they're in your wind channel, so the product is getting in their nose. Once they move out of that wind channel, they'll be able to smell normally.

Scent Thief works by getting in the animal's nose and temporarily numbing their sense of smell. It works best when the animal is inside the "scent cone" you create by spraying the area around you and using the wind to create the cone. Once the animal moves out of that cone, their sense of smell will return almost immediately. We recommend to place your attractant outside of the scent cone.

Scent Thief works well with Ozonics. Although Scent Thief works as a stand alone product we always believe in being as scent free as possible. Scent Thief covers a much larger area with the use of sprays and wafers and relaxes the animals epithelium whether there is ozone present or not. 

Yes, we have a number of other products in the Scent Thief line that can be viewed and ordered on from our online store.

Scent Thief still works under extreme conditions such as rain and high wind. Under normal conditions we recommend re-applying every 60-90 minutes. In extreme conditions, we recommend applying Scent Thief more often.

Unlike some other products on the market, Scent Thief contains no chemicals or aerosols - it is an oil-based product that is safe for skin, clothing and the environment. 100% Made in the USA.

Yes, there are elements in the product that lull an animal into a relaxed state, these elements have a smell. You want the animal to get Scent Thief in their nose. The product works by temporarily relaxing the area of the nose responsible for smell.