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24oz Scent Thief Field Spray

Scent Thief’s revolutionary formula is the first and only product to completely remove an animal’s sense of threatening odors. Our patented formula relaxes the area of the nose responsible for detecting odors, temporarily shutting down an animal’s sense of smell. When an animal gets Scent Thief in their nose, they won’t be able to smell anything else. Guaranteed. Give yourself an advantage and let the wind act in your favor. Ingredients are safe for skin, clothing and the environment.                                   
Directions: Shake well. Spray generously on clothing, boots, and equipment. Spray your path as you walk to your hunting site, and into the wind channel during your hunt. RE-APPLY EVERY 60-90 MINUTES, more frequently in extreme wind, rain or dry conditions. Avoid eyes. Do not ingest.

Customer Reviews

Based on 811 reviews

Great product works very well

David Gostomski

I've tried all kinds of scent covers and scent blockers with no success I have really big and smart buck where I hunt and always got winded I started using scent theif and I've hade the wind blowing at the really hard and the came all the way up under my stand this stuff hands down is the best I've ever found I will use it every hunt from now on

Joe Longfellow

Easy to get and great experience. Love the product.

richard kaye

Great customer service! I was skeptical at first about this product however after watching it in action I am a true believer!

Joshua Boyd

Joshua Boyd