Scent Thief - Make The Wind Your Cover

Kristin Carpenter | 27 September, 2023

            Scent Thief - Make The Wind Your Cover

How Often to Apply Scent ThiefⓇ

The wind is the bane of many hunters’ existence and the best friend of animals. The wind enables animals to use their superior noses to avoid hunters, significantly diminishing the odds of success. Consider how often hunters have sat in what was

thought was the perfect ambush spot, only to have the wind suddenly change direction or pesky thermals carry scents to unsuspecting prey. Hunters cannot count on unpredictable winds, but they can count on Scent ThiefⓇ to make the wind their ally.

How It Works

Unlike other scent-control products, animals need to smell Scent Thief for it to work. Scent Thief’s double-patented formula, No Smell Technology™, subtly yet effectively disrupts an animal’s sense of smell. It works by relaxing the epithelium, essentially short-circuiting animals’ noses. With Scent Thief as an ally, hunters can truly immerse themselves in the natural essence of the environment while confidently maintaining the upper hand. Hunters can embrace the power of the wind to carry away compromising scents with the Field Spray. Many hunters tend not to look downwind simply because many animals have such a keen sense of smell, and it is assumed that they would be alerted by their scent. However, this is not the case when using Scent Thief.

How Often to Apply

Many often ask how often Scent Thief should be applied throughout the day. Under normal hunting conditions apply Scent Thief every 60-90 minutes. Use more frequently in extreme heat, high winds, or rain. High temperatures and winds evaporate and move scent more quickly through an area, while rain rejuvenates scents, making them more potent to animals’ noses. Light to moderate rains make it easier for animals to pick up on scents. Reapplying the Field Spray is crucial when hunting in extreme conditions.

How to Use in the Field

Spray Simply shake the bottle and spray it generously on everything that emits or holds scent. Liberally apply to all hunting clothes and equipment, including backpacks, boots, face coverings, gloves, hats, and weapons. Make sure to spray down the stand or blind and any tree limbs or leaves touched and downwind of the designated hunting position. Remember, foliage will hold scent before wind currents release it into the environment, so spray the ground before heading into the stand. Spraying into the wind will determine which way the wind is blowing and allow the essential oils to disperse into the area. Not only can the Field Spray be used to cover paths, gear, or wind, but the Field Spray can also be used to rejuvenate the Scent Thief Wafer. It is recommended to pair the Field Spray with the Wafer to maximize the use of the No Smell Technology.

Final Thoughts

Carry an ample supply of Scent Thief Field Spray on every hunt. Like binoculars, it is a valuable hunting aid that will change everything about playing the wind. Reapply every 60-90 minutes- like using sunscreen. Pair the Field Spray with a Scent Thief Wafer to expand the “No Smell Area.” Do not try to predict or monitor the wind - let Scent Thief make the wind an effective tool.