Using Wafers With Field Spray

Kristin Carpenter | 22 April, 2022

            Using Wafers With Field Spray

A Simple Combination...

Using a Wafer in conjunction with the Field Spray is a great way to ensure that Scent Thief is always present during your hunt. In order for Scent Thief to be effective, you want the animal to get it in their nose. After initially applying the Field Spray at the truck and walking to your hunting area, re-apply to your pants or backpack and hang one or two Wafers downwind of your location.  Keep in mind your goal is to create a "No Smell Area" around you and your hunting area.

Scent Thief Wafer in a treestand

Hunting From A Tree Stand

If you are hunting from an elevated tree stand, place one Wafer around the base of the tree on a downwind limb or branch so it is three to five feet off the ground. Place a second Wafer above your head (or somewhere close to you) in the tree stand.


Scent Thief Wafer in a groundblind

Hunting From A Ground Blind

If you are hunting from a ground blind the strategy is very similar to using a Wafer in a tree stand. You will want to place one Wafer on a tree limb on the outside of the blind, and another inside the blind. The Wafers are an excellent way to use the wind to your advantage. 


Best Practice 

The best practice is to reapply the Field Spray approximately every 60 to 90 minutes even when used in combination with the Wafers. The Wafers come in a resealable pouch and should last two full days or four hunts. Store the Wafer back in the resealable pouch and take it with you when you are done hunting for the day. Keeping it stored this way will ensure the Wafer does not dry out prematurely. You can recycle a dry Wafer by spraying it down with Scent Thief Field Spray, but the formula used in the original Wafer is a stronger, more concentrated formula, so a recycled Wafer will not be as effective.