How To Apply Scent Thief From Truck To Tree

Kristin Carpenter | 22 April, 2022

            How To Apply Scent Thief From Truck To Tree


Before applying Scent Thief, make sure to shake the bottle well. The formula ingredients can separate when the bottle hasn’t been used in a while, so always shake it up before application. Prior to walking to your hunting area, apply Scent Thief to all of your clothing, boots and any equipment, such as backpacks. While walking to your hunting location, switch the spray nozzle to the stream setting and spray Scent Thief along your path and on the surrounding vegetation. Do this every 100 yards or so. 

Hunting From A Treestand

If you are hunting from an elevated site, such as a tree stand, spray the base of the tree and surrounding brush or vegetation before climbing up. Once in your tree stand, it’s a good habit to spray the surrounding limbs or leaves using the mist or stream setting.

Reapply every 60 to 90 minutes. In extreme weather conditions, such as wind, heat or rain, you will need to re-apply more often.


Hunting From A Blind

While hunting from a ground blind, spray around the outside perimeter as well as inside the blind. Remember to switch the Field Spray nozzle to the stream setting to spray longer distances.





Creating A "No Smell Area"

Scent Thief must be present at your hunting location and especially downwind of you. Once an animal gets Scent Thief in their nose its ability to smell threatening odors is gone. In order for Scent Thief to be effective, the animal needs to get it in their nose. It’s much better to have too much Scent Thief than not enough. You really can’t use too much. When using Scent Thief your goal is to create and maintain a "No Smell Area" around you.





As you leave your hunting area, repeat the same process as when you walked in. Set the spray nozzle to the stream setting and spray your path and the surrounding vegetation every 100 yards or so. This is will ensure you’re not detected on the way out.