The Scent Thief Hunter's Pack

Everything you need to bag that trophy! The Scent Thief Hunter's Pack includes:

  • 24oz Scent Thief Field Spray
  • 32oz Scent Thief Refill Bottle
  • 16oz Scent Thief Body Wash & Shampoo
  • Scent Thief Wafer x4

All Hunter's Packs will receive a 12oz Field Spray - $9.99 Value FREE!

Scent Thief’s revolutionary formula is the first and only hunting scent control product to completely eliminate an animal’s sense of threatening odors.

No Smell Technology


Our patented No Smell Technology relaxes the olfactory epithelium, temporarily shutting down an animal’s sense of smell. When an animal gets Scent Thief in their nose, they won’t be able to smell anything else. Guaranteed. The wind can now act in your favor.