How To Use Scent Thief For Trapping

Kristin Carpenter | 19 April, 2022

            How To Use Scent Thief For Trapping

When using Scent Thief for trapping, you’re going to use the product a little differently than you would for hunting. Hunting requires Scent Thief to be present at all times. So before heading to your hunting area, spray generously on your clothing, boots and equipment. Spray your path as you walk to your hunting site and into the wind channel during the hunt. You’re also going to re-apply the product every 60-90 minutes. While trapping on the other hand, you’ll want to spray yourself, your boots, gloves, and any tools, such as traps and drags, but you will NOT want to spray the area after your trap has been placed. Because Scent Thief works by relaxing the area of the nose responsible for smell, if sprayed in the area it will prevent the animal you’re trapping from smelling the bait. Using Scent Thief while trapping is a very effective tool. Scent Thief will prevent a lot of digging up of traps. It will eliminate the animal’s ability to smell any disturbance of the soil and makes them come in more comfortable. Your game will work the set faster, which allows you to be more productive in your traps.


At The Truck
When I set a trap for a coyote I’m usually in my side-by-side with everything in a box in the back. When I get to the site, I spray my boots, gloves, traps, tools, bucket…basically, anything that’s going to be in contact with the ground.

Creating A Set
When I get to the trap site, I don’t spray anything else from that point on. I bed the trap, place my bait and leave. When I go to the next trap site, I repeat the same routine. The most important part of the whole process is that you don’t spray the area after you have your set made. If Scent Thief is sprayed after the set is made, you’ll prevent the animal from smelling your bait.

Follow these steps and guidelines and I promise you’ll see a huge difference in your trapping experience. If you have any questions about using Scent Thief for trapping, or Scent Thief in general don't hesitate to reach out to us.

Russell Epperson -Scent Thief Inventor