Medical & Mortuary Science

Scent Thief is an innovative new product that eliminates the ability to smell any odors. This product is completely unique from all other scent elimination products on the market. Russell, the inventor of Scent Thief, developed the product over a period of 20+ years of trial and error in the field. During development, Russell came to realize you can't effectively eliminate odor so he created a product that completely inhibits the ability to smell. Scent Thief doesn't try to overwhelm your senses with a strong cover scent, it actually temporarily relaxes the olfactory epithelium. Users can smell Scent Thief, and nothing else.

Scent Thief is beneficial to any professional who deals with unpleasant odors on a daily basis. It is all natural, completely organic and contains no chemicals or preservatives.

How It Works

Scent Thief relaxes the olfactory epithelium in humans and animals. The olfactory epithelium is located in the nose and is a key part of sending odors to the brain. With the olfactory epithelium relaxed, a person or animal can no longer smell odors of any kind past Scent Thief. Scent Thief has been lab tested with proven results and will change the way you deal with any odor.

Home Use

  • Spray Scent Thief on filters in your HVAC system
  • Spray in trash cans, diaper pails, hampers, shoes etc
  • Kitchen odors
  • Can be used on pets that have encountered foul odors
  • Damp musty basements

Crime Scenes and Forensic Labs

  • Spray Scent Thief on body sheets
  • Spray on PPE
  • Spray Scent Thief on any wicking material in and around work area
  • Use in vehicles
  • Use Scent Thief in labs when unpleasant odors are present

Medical Offices, Hospitals & Urgent Care

  • Spray Scent Thief in exam rooms
  • Can be applied directly to face mask
  • Used in labs when odors are present
  • Spray on mask when performing dental exams and surgeries

EMT, Fire Department, Law Enforcement

  • Apply to clothing before entering homes
  • Spray Scent Thief on body sheets at the scene
  • Spray in vehicles while transporting
  • Spray on mask anywhere odors are present

Nursing Home, Senior Adult Care, Day Care

  • Use on a paper mask while caring for patients
  • Use when changing soiled bedding
  • Spray Scent Thief in waste baskets and hampers

Funeral Homes, Crematoriums, Coroners

  • Apply Scent Thief to disposable clothing
  • Apply to paper mask in work areas where odor is an issue
  • Spray Scent Thief on body sheets
  • Use sprayed sheet in conjunction with body bags
  • Use Scent Thief in the prep room on any wick-able material