What to Pack for Every Hunt: Scent Thief Essentials

Kristin Carpenter | 25 April, 2024

By Darren Warner

When deciding which equipment to stow in your backpack for a hunt, experienced hunters often follow the “less is more” adage. While it is best to avoid packing unnecessary items that add pack weight, it is equally important to follow the U.S. Coast Guard’s motto of “Semper Paratus” or “Always Ready.” Here is a compilation of items hunters might not have considered packing in their backpack but could prove useful if the situation arises.

Backpack Essentials

Whatever weapon you use, start with extra ammunition you can carry in your backpack or attach to your bow or crossbow. I often use a side pocket with cinch straps to stow my quiver with arrows and broadheads when archery hunting. Other essentials include:

Hunting license and tags
Depending on the state, you may also need to carry your ID and hunter safety certificate. Pro Tip: Remember to pack a pocketknife and waterproof pen to fill out the harvest tag.

Safety equipment
Carry a small compass, as smartphones often fail in deep cover and remote areas. If hunting from elevation, store your tether and suspension relief strap in your backpack and put them back after every hunt. Include a headlamp and spare batteries to safely find your hunting spot and ascend or descend from your stand.

Binoculars and rangefinder
For binoculars, select the magnification level based on the type of hunt. Tree stand hunts in close quarters require 8x binoculars, while spot-and-stalk hunts need 10-15x magnification.

Emergency medical kit
Include bandages, gauze, ointments (antibiotic, burn), pain relievers, antihistamines, tweezers, thermometer strips, and emergency trauma dressings.

Personal medications
As we get older, many of us take prescription medication at regular times. Use a small pill caddy to store all prescriptions.

Knife and rubber gloves for field dressing game
Depending on the hunt, you may also need a game bag and drag rope.

Water and healthy snacks
Granola bars, trail mix, and sandwiches are easy to prepare and keep on hand to stay nourished and focused throughout the hunt.

Scent Thief Field Spray
Ensure you remain undetected during your hunt. Before each hunt, spray Scent Thief on all hunting gear and periodically spray on foliage encountered on your way to your blind or stand. During the hunt, spray it on your blind or stand and the surrounding foliage, reapplying every 60-90 minutes.


Scent Thief Wafers

Create a “No Smell Area.” Hang one to two wafers downwind and store them in their resealable pouch between hunts. Storing the wafers in their pouches will

increase their longevity for two full days or four hunts. Carry extra wafers to ensure animals have constant exposure to Scent Thief’s No Smell Technology™.

Video: How Scent Thief Works

Scent Thief is the only product that removes an animal’s ability to detect threatening odors without using enzymes, cover scents, harsh chemicals, or ozone. It works by relaxing an animal’s nasal epithelium, temporarily shutting down its sense of smell. For it to work, animals must detect Scent Thief. Reapplying every 60-90 minutes ensures proper use and maximum effectiveness. Stay undetected from the shower to the stand with the complete Scent Thief collection of products.

Other Essentials

Other items I carry are for minor repairs and various problems that could occur on hunts.

Duct tape and zip ties
You can use both to fix nearly anything temporarily. Zip ties are also handy for securing kill tags to antlers or legs.

Sunscreen and insect repellant
These are necessary when hunting in warmer weather.

Lip balm
Protects lips from wind and sunburns and lubricates squeaky zippers.

Lens wipes
Use lens wipes to clean hunting optics and glasses after unexpected rain showers.

Toilet paper
Eventually, we must heed Mother Nature’s call while in the field.

Spare gloves and socks
Paramount when hunting in cold, wet conditions.

Final thoughts

Safety is priority number one for every hunt, so always tell someone exactly where you will be hunting and when you will return. Get the most out of every pursuit by carrying Scent Thief Field Spray and Wafers whenever you are in the field. Proper packing, planning, and Scent Thief hunting essentials will change all you thought you knew about playing the wind and get you closer to game than you ever imagined!